Hosted PBX Phone Solutions / Business Telephone Solutions

Business telephony remains a vital aspect of workplace communication despite the explosion of social media, email, and instant messaging services.

Future-proof business phone system with advanced PBX features and geographical flexibility, that’s how we view VoIP systems. Built on Cloud, PBX phones connect your office and remote employees to the outside work conveniently and flexibly.

Members of staff have a single point of contact covering various apps and devices. Inbound calls are routed to their mobile and voicemail forwarded as an email attachment. IM and email support enhance connectivity, ensuring all your employees remain within reach at all times.

Why Choose IT Grade’s Hosted Phone System?

We understand that your business needs a functional and reliable telephone system that flexes and grows with you, all the while keeping cost per user low.

IT Grade can help you stay better connected for less. Our subscription model includes handsets, porting, external lines, unified communication apps, and support minus the surprise costs of obsolete hardware. We’ll supply you with fully-functioned VoIP phones. By choosing IT Grade, you’ll avoid price markups and get competitive VoIP service rates in Australia and beyond.

Your business telecom needs will change as your business grows. Only a scalable communication system will keep up with the pace. From a couple of users to several extensions, IT Grade can install a PBX phone system that grows with your business. You can add extensions and users or remove them whenever you want.

With IT Grade’s hosted PBX phones, you never have to worry about maintenance, upgrades or support for your phone system. We offer a fully managed service that includes 24/7 monitoring and proactive support, ensuring your communication system remains operation. This way, you can focus on growing your business and serving customers.

Benefits of Our PBX Phone Solutions

Invest in a business PBX phone system and reap all these benefits.

Risk-free PBX Services

With so many unscrupulous PBX providers, you can’t know whether their solutions have hidden costs like setup fees and add-on costs until you’re locked into a 5-year contract. IT Grade won’t tie you down with lengthy contracts or frustrate you with add-on charges, so you can get more value from your PBX service.

Lower Cost per User

Hosted PBX gives you more features than on-premise phone system but at 50% less cost per user. Your system is billed per user or extension, so you’ll never pay for unused capacity

Unified Communications

Designed for SMBs, IT Grade’s Cloud PBX integrates fantastic business communications features with advanced unified communication capabilities, delivering a solid, reliable and cost-effective hosted VoIP to your premises.

Dedicated Support

Get help from real in-house telephony experts, not machines. Our friendly and knowledgeable technicians are accessible 24/7. Plus you get an account manager who focuses on your own business needs.

Amazing Call Quality

No choppy voice, or echo, or audio jitters. 99% of calls handled via our telephony network meets the global standard for excellent voice quality. You’ll enjoy a voice quality that’s identical to, if not better than, that of a traditional landline.

User-friendly Virtual PBX

Operate your VoIP business phone anywhere there’s an internet connection. Quickly configure users, phone numbers, IVR menus, call routing, and more from a web-based user interface.

Value-added Features with Your Australia Hosted PBX Service Plan

Great features that drive seamless communication in the work place.

Automatic Call Routing

Connect callers or customers with the right person anytime using automatic call routing. You can forward calls worldwide based on your own rule set.

Virtual PBX System

Using a cloud PBX, you can manage your calls and employees from anywhere. You’ll enjoy the benefits of an office PBX phone minus the burden of expensive hardware or regular maintenance.

Virtual Attendant

Gain the trust and confidence of callers with an auto-attendant call routing that lets them navigate quickly to the right agent or department. Complete with music on hold, professional greetings, and a choice of menus for callers.

Ring Groups

Add multiple users and devices to a single call route. Mix and match both users and devices. When someone calls the ring group, all extensions will ring simultaneously or sequentially.

SIP Trunking

Connect your existing PBX system to the public telephone network via SIP protocol. Toggle various Sip server location to get the best voice quality. Scale up or down with unlimited capacity and save money with per-second billing.

Quality Monitoring

Monitor and record the live calls of other extensions without interfering with conversations. Coach on the spot using whisper and guide the call so no opportunities are missed.

CRM Integration

Integrate your cloud PBX with your favourite CRM and get more info and options for inbound and outbound calls. Empower staff with customer insight and easier call handling so they can serve callers faster and better.

Hosted PABX Phone FAQs

Yes, you can keep an existing phone number. We’ll just port your number from the current provider to us, a process that takes up to one week.

Yes, telcos are dismantling copper landlines. Now’s the perfect time to explore phone technology for your business. Cloud PBX is cheaper to install, operate, and maintain than a traditional landline.

All our hosted PBX phone systems are entirely in the cloud, meaning you don’t need hardware. For uninterrupted calls, it’s advisable to have a stable internet connection (150kps per call)

Set up is easy and fast, and it shouldn’t take more than a couple of minutes.

Telephone support is available to VoIP business service customers 24/7. You can still contact IT Grade support team via email or by logging a support ticket.

Looking for a Hosted PBX Phone?

Get a complete an all-in-one communication system that combines voice, video, Voicemail-to-Email, and fax. To find out more about our business telephony solutions, call 1300 000 484 to speak to our IT experts in Melbourne.