Staff Cyber Security Training

Company employees are both the best defence and weakest link in the organisational efforts against cyber attacks. With effective training and understanding of cybersecurity risks, your people can become an asset to your orgaqnisations cyber security – whereas untrained and unmonitored, large-scale cybersecurity attacks are just one unsuspecting employee’s click away.

ITGrade works with teams to explain security risks and the prevention strategies to ward them off.

What do you get?

Staff development and employee education

ITGrade works with staff at all levels to tailor training programs that build cyber threat awareness and create practical, actionable procedures to minimise risks.

Malicious content awareness training

Malicious content training helps to create a hypervigilant workforce that understands the indicators of harmful content and what not to access.

Managed cybersecurity services

ITGrade delivers full-service cybersecurity solutions. ITGrade service offering can compliment organisational structures and work with in-house teams to round out cybersecurity capabilities. In cases where departments are being brought up to speed, our experts can act as cybersecurity leaders in-house to develop staff and monitor security until they are ready to take over.

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