Managed Security Services

Cyber attacks are one of the most pressing risks to organisations in the modern digital era. It takes just one errant email click, a hacked password or a deliberate sophisticated attack to wreak havoc in your organisations ICT ecosystem.

Defensive strategies are essential for minimising cybersecurity risks and impacts. ITGrade manages end-to-end, market-leading cyber security solutions to protect your data, people, and IP.

What do you get?

Managed next generation firewall

ITGrade delivers leading next-gen firewall managed solutions. In parallel, we run traditional firewall technology along with network device filtering functions, including intrusion prevention systems (IPS) and application firewalls using in-line deep packet inspection (DPI).

Managed endpoint threat detection and response with AI

Using artificial intelligence, ITGrade runs managed detection and response (MDR) solutions to protect data and assets, even under threats that have eluded other security controls.

Managed wireless

Wireless network solutions require software and firmware updates. Not properly managed, these systems can crash and be prone to vulnerability. ITGrade’s managed wireless services minimise security risks, limit downtime and hold businesses up to the highest cybersecurity standards.

Managed email security

Emails are a significant security threat to businesses. ITGrade conducts regular health checks, run updates and continually monitor and protect your staff and business from serious inbound threats.

Vulnerability management and penetration testing

ITGrade monitors risks and introduces preventative measures to patch flaws or tighten security by identifying and testing business vulnerabilities. 24×7 monitoring and ongoing penetration testing let us find real-life threats and patch them before they are exploited.

Dark web monitoring

Thousands of email addresses, passwords and sensitive data items are published in data dumps on the dark web daily. ITGrade are able to proactively monitor individual and business credentials, such as domains, IP addresses and email addresses, to confirm your information is secure. If it does go out, we work to lock it down before cybercriminals can access it.

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