Managed Print Solutions

Start managing your printing needs and documents centrally and watch your productivity go up, while inefficiencies, and costs down.

When your office printer grinds to a halt or jams in the middle of a busy workday, you aren’t just losing on your ability to print. Your business is losing invaluable hours and opportunities to serve customers. Lost hours and inefficiencies will ultimately affect overall workflow and reduce your profits.

Struggling to Tame Printing Costs?

While printing is a vital aspect of modern business communication, it’s becoming increasingly costly and complex to manage. Nearly 3% of small business revenues go to document production. Some people don’t know why they’re spending a lot on printing.

Here’s the ugly truth.

Printing supplies, support, and services are buried across multiple budget lines. Many firms allow individual departments to buy printers and related consumables. While this is good for expediency, it often conceals the real costs of ownership from financial scrutiny. IT grade can help you centralize printer management and slash the costs associated with printing.

Benefits of Managed Print Solutions

MPS isn’t just another fancy acronym for printers, toners, and service. You’ll be amazed at how centrally managed copiers or MFDs can transform your business.

Fewer helpdesk calls

Simplify work for your in-house IT. Our experts will troubleshoot printing issues so your staff can focus on critical projects.

Track your spending

Adopting a print strategy helps your business keep track of printing, which means you could save up to 30% on annual print costs.

No more waste

Centralizing your printing means you’ll use fewer consumables and create less waste in the workplace. Staff will only print documents when necessary.

Predictable costs

Pay for what you use only and pass the maintenance costs to IT Grade. MPS is a cost-effective printing option for your small business.

Why Hire IT Grade to Manage Your Printing

Virtually every small business in Melbourne is looking for new ways to curb costs, wastage, and operate more efficiently. IT Grade can help you re-examine areas such as document printing, supplies, maintenance, and service. All these have been historically hard to control, especially where printing expenses are spread across various departments.

MPS experts will work with you to grasp what you need then recommend a print solution that meets all your requirements. As well as saving your money, our MPS solutions give you access to features such as scanning and cloud document storage. Best of all, staff can print from any device to any printer in your workplace.

Our MPS solutions let you control document production costs by outsourcing the management of your printer fleet. Best of all there’s no CAPEX. So, you get to pay for the prints that you use only. With IT Grade’s Managed Print Services, the only thing you have to do with printers is use them

We care about your bottom line just as we do about efficiency. As your partner, IT Grade will help you track printing expenses, allocate costs, and manage usage, ultimately giving you better control of your printing resources. By stop printing inefficiencies and unnecessary costs, you’ll grow your profits.

Outsource Printing without the Headache

Does any of these scenarios describe your situation?

  • You want to transform and optimize your print environment
  • Your staff spend a lot of time managing and fixing your fleet of printers
  • Printing costs account for a huge portion of your unmanaged business expenses
  • You want to empower staff to work anywhere, anytime
  • You want to keep sensitive data safe regardless of who’s printing
  • Office printers have become an endless source of frustrations, expenses, and inconveniences

Say bye-bye to all these printing issues that interrupt workflow. Issues like outdated printers or budget constraints or running out of toner will be a thing of the past. Your workplace printers will be networked to communicate to each other.

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