Is Your Computer Or Laptop Infected With Viruses, Spyware Or Malware? We Can Help…

Over the last 15 years, we’ve helped over 10,000 Victorian home and business owners clean up their system of viruses, spyware and malware. We only use the latest, most cutting-edge anti virus, spyware and malware removal tools that ensure your system is left clean and stays clean.

We also put our money where our mouth is – meaning you don’t pay us a cent unless we fix your virus/malware/spyware problem, that’s how confident we are at dealing with these issues!

If your computer is infected, then the first step is to call our expert technicians, we’ll do a preliminary evaluation over the phone, and then you can book in a time for one of our technicians to come to your home or office and clean your PC/Apple systems. Usually this takes no longer then 1 hour to sort out, from start to finish!

Computer Viruses

Over 1 million Australian homes and businesses have had serious computer virus problems in the last year, and that’s despite over 80% having some sort of anti-virus software installed.

Computer virus coders are getting smarter and more sophisticated – thankfully with the help of cutting edge anti-virus software our team of expert technicians has no problems cleaning up the vast majority of threats.

Malware And Spyware

Last year, there was an average of 24,000 new malware threats detected by cyber security firm Kaspersky every day. The fact is, new Malware and Spyware is being created at a truly staggering rate.

We clean up literally hundreds of bits of malware, spyware and viruses for our customers every week and it’s very rare that we find something our cutting edge software and expert team can’t handle.

Preventing Future Infections

We won’t just clean up your computer of the viruses, spyware and malware that’s currently infecting it. We’ll set you up with the very same software suite that we use on our own home and office PC’s to keep them free from nasty viruses, malware and spyware every day.