IT Support and Helpdesk

Fast & proactive IT helpdesk for small to large enterprises in Melbourne

Your IT help desk is the most visible element of your service delivery. Almost everything else revolves around it. However, it’s prone to service issues that can lower end-user experience and derail teams working on critical IT projects. Improve this area and others will naturally follow. Operations will run smoothly, staff will work efficiently, and customers will be happy.

Multi-tiered IT Support for Your Business

We understand that your business may require support at different levels. With IT Grade, you get three levels of support.

Tier 1 Support

A 24-hours service where a technician resolves basic issues for desktops apps quickly over the telephone, email, or ticketing.

Tier 2 Support

Help desk technician fields support requests to a more experienced technician, who can fix incidents and underlying problems

Tier 3 Support

If the 2nd line support is unable to resolve the tough stuff, they escalate the issue to an IT specialist, who provides in-depth technical support on-site.

What You Can Expect from Our IT Help Desk Services

We are based in Melbourne and are staffed by local Australian IT experts who understand the routine IT issues and problems that plague small business owners like you.

Extensive help desk services

A wide range of help desk services for IT users covering, desktop, telephony, software, printing, and network with support provided by IT grade’s Aussie based service desk in Melbourne.

24 /7 Support

Your business gets timely support. Whether your business operates from 8-5 or requires 24/7 support, our able technicians are available on call to help you.

Multiple support channels

When a problem arises, you can log a ticket, send an email, or call us via our dedicated telephone support number. Our technicians aim to resolve issues quickly.

Enhanced Reporting

Using a realtime ITSM platform with a visual interface, we can track performance and ensure service delivery meets your expectations. You’ll get a monthly report of your service history and issues we’ve resolved, system health, usage, and recommendations.

Benefits of Outsourced IT Support

Our IT help desk support delivers value to your small business in Melbourne in many ways. Best of all, we offer a faster and reliable way of addressing computer hardware and network issues whenever they arise.

Say Goodbye to Disruptive Downtime

IT Grade proactively monitors your infrastructure to identify potential issues then resolves them quickly before they disrupt your business operations. You’ll notice a drastic decline in downtime, greater employee productivity, and more profits.

Free Up Your IT Staff

With our proactive IT support and helpdesk, you’ll never have to pause in-house IT projects or ask staff to work on weekends and holidays. They’ll stay on top of things.

Stay Ahead of the IT Curve

Keeping up with fast-changing technologies like hardware and software updates can be arduous and costly. IT Grade leverages the latest support technology, so you won’t have to keep changing or upgrading your service desk tools./p>

Keep IT Budgets Predictable

Business help desk service is an affordable alternative to in-house staff, especially if 24/7 support is required. Our subscription model means your business gets all the vital help desk services it needs for a flat monthly fee, which is often 30% cheaper than in-house staffing.

Lasting Fix for Complex IT Issues

You’ll get fast and lasting solutions to your complex technical issues. We can fix most of your issues remotely with amazingly fast response times or come over and fix the issues on the spot.


The IT help desk refers to a person or a team that handles your service requests, whether from in-house staff or customers.

If you’re having problems handling complex issues in-house or need help training existing staff or don’t have a dedicated IT support on-site, you’re a good candidate for IT support and helpdesk services.

We always try to fix issues quickly. Our help desk is always accessible and ready to offer a helping hand via telephone, email, and ticketing. Since our response time is fast, you will experience almost no downtime or disruptions.

Our support desk comprises of highly skilled technicians and certified local engineers with over a decade of experience in IT support. They can handle all your routine issues and complex problems in a timely and professional manner.

By outsourcing your help desk service to us, you remove the hassle and costs associated with internal service desks, freeing you to focus on business growth. You’ll also gain vital access to ITIL-trained and multi-tiered support covering the entire gamut of business IT.

We take active steps to minimise downtime across your business networks, servers, devices, and IT assets through:

  • 24/7 monitoring and response
  • Malware detection
  • Automated backups
  • Automatic remediation
  • Real-time alerts

Looking for Help Desk Support?

Keep critical IT services and systems running with skilled Aussie support agents who minimize service requests and incidents all the while ensuring your business remains operational and on-going projects on track.

Call 1300 000 484 to speak to one of our of friendly IT experts.