Cybersecurity is fast evolving, with criminals becoming smarter and attacks bolder. Your 1234 password, basic antivirus, and standard firewall are no match for the sophisticated tools and strategies hackers use.

What you need is an IT security expert who understands modern cyber threats. Someone who can help you navigate the dynamic landscape, so your business stays safe and compliant.

Why IT and Cyber Security Matters

Every week, we hear heart-wrenching stories about data breaches, identify thefts and ransomware attacks. You can’t afford to be sloppy with your cyber and IT security. A single attack can soil your reputation and drive you out of business.

While ransomware accounts for only 9.39% of cyber incidents, it remains the greatest threat to many enterprises. It’s easily downloaded and spread through your network, ultimately, locking you out of your files and systems. Hackers often demand up to 1 million dollars before they can send you an unlock key. Common perceptions include this doesn’t affect us or we don’t have the money. For a business with a small turnover, this might herald the beginning of the end. You need to protect your business against ransomware actively.

A Data breach is a business owner’s worst nightmare. Whether it’s accidental disclosure of emails to a third party or unauthorised access to data containing credit card details of your customers, the implications are huge and costly. Recovering from data breach or loss is often difficult and costly.

Under the Mandatory Data Breach Notification scheme, any business with an annual turnover of 3 million AUD has a legal obligation to notify insurers, law enforcement, and regulators as well as individuals and affected parties of a data breach. Also, they have to remedy the breach so no one can misuse data and up their security to ensure the breach doesn’t recur.

Cybercriminals usually exploit human weakness when planning attacks. Any employee with online access needs to know how to safeguard your networks and systems. Opening fake websites or clicking on malicious links can create backdoors for cybercriminals, jeopardising operations, exposing sensitive data, and damaging your reputation.

Staff need to know the various types of cyber threats, how best they can protect themselves, and the tools to respond to cyber incidents. Training usually covers password best practices, using encryption and two-factor authentication, software and device security, handling spam, and dealing with “social engineering” attacks.

Our Managed IT and Cybersecurity Services

Next-generation IT and Cybersecurity solutions designed to keep your data and IT infrastructure safe. IT experts monitor network activity in real-time to limit exposure to external attacks without hindering web access.

Network Security

Worry-free security for your business networks ranging from technical expertise, software installation, hardware, configuration, continuous patch management, and regular updates to protect your business from today’s advanced threats. Network security team is available 24/7 to address security concerns.

Email Security

Your email is the weakest link in your security chain, and one that cybercriminals are likely to use to target your business. You can avert financial, data, and reputation loss by deploying proven email solutions that protect your business emails against phishing, malware, spooling, whaling (business email compromise). Our solution scans incoming emails for threats and secures outbound emails to protect users and data.

Endpoint Protection

Data, your most critical asset lives in the cloud and on endpoints. To defend your data, you need end protection that’s more powerful and smarter than your standard antivirus software. We deploy SentinelOne for Workstations and Servers (Windows and Mac) to deter security threats and fortify the endpoints in real-time.

How IT Grade Protects Your Business

Using a four-pronged approach, IT Grade can help you protect your business data and defend you against malware, viruses, and ransomware infections all the while improving the security of your systems and data in the Cloud.

Vulnerability Assessment

We scan and analyse your IT infrastructure and networks for potential threats and blind spots then make solid recommendations to keep your systems secure.

Active Monitoring

We continuously monitor your business network and devices for malicious activity then take swift measures to deter threats, ensuring business operations continue and data secure.

Proactive Protection

Actively locate and correct potential vulnerabilities before cybercriminals exploit them. Multi-factor authentication
and regular security upgrades keep your devices, data, and systems safe.

Staff Training

90% of cyberattacks are due to human errors and weaknesses. Training ensures your staff understand secure and acceptable use of your systems while remaining aware of cyber risks.

IT and Cyber Security FAQs

Cyber is all around us from the latest smart home appliances to the device you’re using to reading this page.

IT security refers to the measures, practices, tools, and strategies that you use to protect your data and IT infrastructure from potential damage.

It refers to any unauthorised access, disclosure, or loss of sensitive personal information.

It’s an AI-powered enterprise security solution that defends your computers, devices, applications, emails, and data, giving you full control of your IT assets.

Trained and accredited security experts manage and monitor security threats via the central dashboard that also sends alerts in real-time.

We ensure your business operates using secure access protocols that include multiple levels of access authentication and meets specific compliance requirements. We all work with you to ensure your employees follow the best practices and that all data is logged for auditing when necessary.

Experience the IT Grade Difference

  • Cutting-edge systems & tools
  • Next-generation cyber services
  • Certified security team
  • Real time monitoring
  • Proactive detection/response
  • Meet compliance & security standards

With the barrage of cybersecurity information, it’s easy to get lost in the maze of tools, strategies, and IT security lingo.

Call 1300 000 484 to discuss your security challenges with a trustworthy IT Grade expert. We’re happy to assess your security situation and make recommendations.