Cloud Backup & Data Recovery

Secure data backup ensures business continuity and rapid recovery of individual files

Systems fail, disasters strike, and staff make mistakes. Whether it’s an accident or human error, you need a dependable data backup, and disaster recovery plan that mitigates potential data loss and downtime before they impact your bottom line.

Over 50% of both medium and small businesses don’t have the right backup and recovery solution. Worryingly, they’re not even aware of the looming danger. Should disaster strike, many wouldn’t be able to recover their data.

Why Cloud Backup and Data Recovery Matters

Your small business probably has vital information that it can’t afford to lose. From tax records to computer systems files, business data is vital in running a business. When it gets lost or stolen, you need to make sure you can recover it. Otherwise, your operations will stop, and you’ll lose customers.

Protecting your business data and operations against loss is both a moral duty and legal responsibility for your Melbourne-based business. Without access to vital data, operations can quickly grind to a halt. Your IT systems are only as good as the last backup and the underpinning recovery processes and technology that you use to protect it.

Why Choose IT Grade for Cloud Backup & Disaster Recovery

No one handles, backs up, and protects your data better than IT Grade. Here’s why small businesses in Melbourne partner with us.

Daily monitoring

We’re your “eyes on the ground”. Our able engineers manage and monitor your backup status daily and receive notifications and alerts. This way, we rectify minor issues they turn into a crisis with serious implications for your business.

Backup testing & verification

You don’t want surprises, so do we. Our engineers verify and test the backups regularly to ensure your backup plan and recovery solution works as intended.

Flexible backup retention policies

With our custom backup retention, you can decide how long you want to keep your data. Daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or a year? It’s all up to you.

Comprehensive backups

We can backup data across your IT landscape, starting with your hardware (Windows/Mac Workstations, Servers, Virtual Machines, and Mobiles) and finish off with enterprise apps in the cloud (Microsoft 365 Exchange, OneDrive, SharePoint Online, G Suite, G Suite Shared Drive, and Web Hosting Servers).

Advanced backup protection

Your cloud backups are fully protected with passwords and AES 256 backup encryption, in transit and at-rest, and processed via SSL-encrypted channels.

Australian data centre

East or West, the home’s the best. Cloud backups are stored in Tier-IV designed and SSAE-16 certified data centres with ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 certifications.

Fast and effective data recovery

You won’t have to wait for hours. We can restore files, folders or entire machines within minutes. If your server goes down or is unrepairable, we can spin up the backup as a virtual machine with a public IP for access while the server is rebuilt.

Protect Your Data in 3 Simple Steps

Discover how IT Grade

1) Select a Backup/Recovery Solution

Managing terabytes of backup data is both time consuming and frustrating. IT Grade uses Acronis Cyber Cloud, a smart solution that integrates backup and disaster recovery. Our IT experts will create and configure your backup regime. In case of an emergency, they will be on hand to help you recover your data.

2) Create a Backup and Recovery Strategy

Having a backup copy of your critical data is a step in the right direction. However, you need to know how to restore data and operations after an outage or disaster. IT Grade can help you craft a disaster recovery plan that brings back your systems so you can restart operations.

3) Test the Recovery Plan

Congratulations, you now have a disaster recovery plan. But how do you know whether it’s working or no? The only way to be sure is to test it. We can simulate a disaster or emergency to determine whether your contingency plans are working and how fast you can complete the recovery.

Frequently Asked Questions?

Backup and recovery refer to the process of replicating and storing data copies to protect businesses and organizations against data loss. On the other hand, recovery entails restoring data to the original device or alternate location.

  • Data backup with unlimited restore points
  • Secure encryption of backup files
  • Rapid data recovery
  • Full server restoration
  • Full failover and cloud replication

Designed for business continuity, Acronis Cyber Backup is a cloud backup solution that lets you restore data quickly to avoid downtime all the while keeping your data safe. You can run as many backups as you wish without compromising performance.

Start Protecting Your Business Data

Don’t become a victim of data loss. IT Grade can help you craft a sound backup and recovery plan that prevents data loss, ensuring you get back on your feet quickly.

Call 1300 000 484 to discuss your data backup and recovery options with a trusted IT advisor.