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Fast, affordable and reliable internet solutions for your small business

Like most fast-growing and progressive businesses in Melbourne, you probably use the internet for almost everything. Sending emails, make VoIP calls, collaborate, and even to zoom. With tons of data processed, communicated, downloaded, and analysed, your business deserves faster, better internet to thrive.

IT Grade has invested in advanced wireless network technologies, meaning we can provide your business with uncongested internet 24/7. Our solutions include dedicated bandwidth, unlimited plans, and dedicated support. Upload and download speeds are symmetrical. So, you never have to endure the frustrations of constant buffering.

Our high-quality internet solutions open up your business for new opportunities, locally and abroad. Employees can work faster and communicate better. Blazing fast access to the Cloud and HD Video conferencing are all within your reach. So, why not make IT Grade your go-to ISP in Melbourne?

Broadband Plans with Amazing Features

(Get these extras with any Business Internet plan)

Free Static IP

A standard feature in business networking working

Speeds up to 1GB/s

Extremely fast internet plans with *900 MB/s download & upload

Best Wi-Fi technology

Designed to blanket your business with amazing coverage.

Contract flexibility

Switch from your current internet plan to the next with ease.

Great Performance at Great Value

Faster broadband internet gets you closer to your customers and suppliers while ensuring you have faster access to information. IT Grade business broadband offer your unlimited internet access at competitive prices, all backed by unmatched priority business support.

Network Optimization

For optimum performance, IT Grade uses its own web traffic priority system that optimises time sensitive apps like voice and video while also remaining flexible for usual web browsing and accessing cloud based apps. We provision our customers on X and Y speed tiers.

Quick Setup & Network Management

Your plug-n-play broadband internet device has a user-friendly app that gives you a walkthrough of installation in simple steps. The app shows you where to place each node for better coverage and chooses then best- Wi-Fi channel and radio band so you can maintain a stable wireless connection throughout your business.

Truly Unlimited Data

You’ll never worry about exceeding quotas – our unlimited broadband business plans are truly unlimited. We don’t impose shaping (speed reductions) when you go beyond a certain bandwidth consumption level.

Priority Business Support

Connectivity means everything to your internet-dependent businesses. You’ll get fast and reliable support whenever you need it, so your business can keep running.

Why IT Grade Business Internet?

You pay us to deliver business internet with terrific speed and consistent connectivity. That’s what you get at IT Grade. For maximum uptime, we limit the number of domestic users accessing our broadband, so your business Internet in Melbourne is always up round-the-clock and fast.

IT Grade understands each business has different internet needs. Some want fast speeds while others ample coverage. With our custom broadband solutions, we’re able to deploy affordable and reliable internet options while leveraging the latest hardware and networking technology, all to benefit your business right here in Melbourne.

Any ISP who can’t protect your business processes and operations against network faults and outages isn’t worth your time. IT Grades provide 99.9% uptime SLAs for Fibre Internet or Fixed Wireless customers. You can rest easy knowing your vital business apps are running over a network with the best uptime and the shortest fault resolution timeframe.

Business Internet FAQs

A fast and reliable broadband connection to your business means you have a greater capacity to send and receive vital data more quickly to your business computers. You will be able to access the web, browse the internet, effectively, send emails quickly, and download files faster.

Data usage varies from business to business. Since business needs keep changing, we offer you flexible plans. So, you can switch between bundles as your needs change.

Data transfer limits apply in cases where usage goes against of Terms & Conditions.

Keep these thing in mind:

  1. Sending and/or receiving e-mail
  2. File uploads and downloads from the cloud
  3. Size of files you’re transferring or downloading
  4. Whether you’ll stream videos or Skype

Looking for Affordable Business Internet?

Get ultrafast and cost-effective broadband internet for your business and improve your communication, collaboration, and productivity.

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